Watch Photography Basic - 101

Watch Photography Basics - 101

Surely KEE friends here are often curious about how to take photos of your favorite watch so that it looks optimal and better. Of course, so it can be uploaded to social media too.
Here are some tips from minKEE, check them out!

1. Always use a tripod!
Why? The explanation is simple, friend, the clock is a small object where even a slight movement can cause KEE friend's results to not be sharp. Surely you don't want KEE friends' upload results to look "blurry"? It's definitely not pleasing to the eye.

2. Make sure the clock hand is at 10:10
So, you often see advertisements for watches that are definitely at 10:10 (more or less), known as the smile face of the watch, where this position makes the structure of the surface of the watch (watch dial) look proportional, the logo is read well, the balance is left The right one is good and comfortable for the eyes to see.

3. Natural Light can be your best friend
Natural light (sun) often provides light that is very neutral in terms of color and intensity or strength of comfortable light so that your watch will perform optimally with the use of natural light. KEE friends' watches will produce the best colors. I'll try it!

4. Be careful of details such as dust and fingerprints
When you're going to the trouble of taking a photo of your favorite watch, of course you don't want it to look dusty and have fingerprints on it? Wipe it with a soft cloth, such as a cloth for camera lenses, to avoid fine scratches on the watch.

5. Use a macro lens (recommended)
A macro lens will be very useful when you like and want to dive into the world of watch photography, the resulting details will be sharper and can produce image quality with better focus.

6. Take advantage of surrounding objects
To produce a good clock photo story, surrounding objects can be used to support the visuals, starting from objects that have the same story, such as history, color, to simple things around us such as leaves and plants.

7. Take advantage of the foreground (which can blur it)
Foreground with a blur effect can be used as watch framing which will make your results more artistic.

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