Wajib Diketahui Tentang Memory Card

Must-know Memory Card

1. On the memory card there is a key

Maybe you have experienced the message "Cannot write or read card" appearing on the camera, most likely this happened because the memory card was accidentally locked. All SDHC or SDXC memory cards have a lock on the left. This lock prevents you from modifying the data on the memory card.

2. Fast card reader for fast memory cards

If you have a high speed memory card, then you also need a high speed card reader because it will affect the speed of transferring photos.

3. Delete and recover data

If you format a memory card, you permanently delete the contents of your memory. But if you only delete files, then you can still recover deleted data with recovery software.

4. Format the memory card when changing cameras

When you change camera type or camera brand, it is recommended to format your memory card because it eliminates the risk of data loss and file damage caused by different file formats on the old camera and the new camera.

5. Pay attention to the LED lights

Usually the transfer process from camera to memory is marked by a flashing LED light. It is strictly forbidden to open or remove the memory card while the light is on because it can cause files to become damaged or even lost.

6. Pay attention to the camera battery

You need to pay attention to ensuring that your camera battery doesn't run out and die because when the camera turns off during the process of storing data in memory, there is a risk of damage to your data and memory card.

7. Replace the memory card before it is completely full

It is recommended to replace your memory card before it is completely full and can no longer take pictures. You will miss important moments that may not be repeated.

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