Urban Decay Photography

Urban Decay Photography

KEE friends, do you like this type of photography? Urban decay photography fans, when they come across an old building, it feels like they've found a hidden treasure... You can explore the building from morning to night until you get an interesting photo object. So what is urban decay photography? This means the technique of photographing buildings that have been uninhabited for several years, aka abandoned buildings.

It's fun if you like it, but there are several things you need to pay attention to... What are they?

1. Bring safety attributes

According to some people, urban decay photos are illegal, because you are entering a building without permission. Usually old buildings are prone to collapse, there could be rubble that could hurt you. So it is really necessary for you to provide safety equipment such as a helmet, flashlight, shoes, thick jacket and mask. Don't forget to ask the guard for permission first before entering.

Source : learn.corel.com

2. Don't climb stairs

This one is no longer negotiable, KEE friends, because you don't want to risk your life to get a photo. Old buildings are very vulnerable because you don't know how long the building has been abandoned. Even though stairs still look sturdy, they are very prone to collapsing, especially those made of iron. Especially if it looks rusty, you should look for another, safer place.

Source : photography.tutsplus.com

3. Use a tripod

The dark condition of the room makes you turn on additional light. It is recommended to bring a tripod so that your photos are not blurry.

4. Use a telephoto lens

It is recommended to use a telephoto lens, why? Because you can get a photo of an object from a distance without needing to get close for security reasons.

5. Take a morning photo

Usually in the morning there is light coming in from the window which results in a really reflective effect which you definitely won't get if it's already midday... There's no harm in choosing to start early.

Source : theodysseyonline.com
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