Trik Foto Dengan Peralatan Sederhana (Part 1)

Photo Trick with Simple Equipment (Part 1)

Good photos don't always mean you have to use expensive equipment. Don't believe it? Let's check it out, with simple equipment, the results are great ;)

1. Aluminum foil

Want to create a sparkling bokeh effect on the background? You only need to prepare aluminum foil, mirror, plaster. Check out the method below.

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2. Filter

You definitely have this one tool, right? If you have a mother in the kitchen, you can also borrow it for a while ;p

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3. Aquarium

Photographing the water line is not as difficult as you imagine, you have to use an action camera and a dome. You can borrow the aquarium at home, voila! The results are no less than using an action cam...

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4. Plastic bags

Did you know that you can actually use plastic bags for photo equipment? The results are also really good... Just put the flash in the bag, the result is soft light like using a softbox...

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5. Toys

You can try to be creative with the toys in your house. Play with perspective to create interesting images. You can stand further away and move the camera closer to your toy.

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