Tone Editing di VSCO (Part 1)

Tone Editing in VSCO (Part 1)

KEE friends are definitely familiar with this editing application... There are lots of filters that you can use for your photos, both free and paid. Come on, let's check out Indonesian photographer Nicoline Patricia's 10 favorite filters on VSCO!

1. The Analog/Aesthetics Collection (A4-A6)

This filter provides higher contrast to the photo, but still gives the photo a natural impression. Suitable for use in interiors, portrait photos or food photos.

A4 Preset gives a warm and dark touch to brown. Suitable for use on wood and leather because it provides depth and contrast.

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A6 Preset gives a minimalist impression to photos because it reduces light saturation and there are not many color changes in the photo so it still looks natural.

2. The Chromatic Collection (C4-C9)

Each filter in this series provides a different effect. The resulting tone is very bright and colorful. This series is unfortunately not free.

C5 Preset provides warmer colors. Suitable for darker photos and street photos.

C7 Preset provides a cooler, bluish color. Suitable for brightening your slightly dark photos.

3. The Alchemy Collection (Q1-Q10)

The filters in this series provide dramatic color changes and high contrast in photos. Unfortunately this filter is not free.

Q1 Preset is suitable for use on nature photos with blue skies and leaves. The results remain natural.

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