Tips Untuk Mengarahkan Gaya

Tips for Styling

Usually the people you photograph are not always photogenic and stylish. Mimin has tips for you to help your model direct her style:
1. Straight line or S curve

Lines are one of the important elements in photos. Apart from that, lines have meaning and can give an impression to your photo. For example, straight lines give a strong and masculine impression. Meanwhile, the S curve gives a feminine and soft impression.

You can apply it to your model to pose according to a straight line or according to an S curve if your photo concept is more feminine.


2. Directing, not directing the pose

It is recommended not to focus too much on the pose your model is making, for example the position of your hands on your waist. But you can direct the concept story from your photos, what they feel so that they can feel and style according to the concept you want. Apart from that, you can also get the appropriate emotions.

3. Movement photos

You can create a story in your photos by taking movements, such as walking, shaking your head. Movement in your photos can make them more alive and tell a story. You will need to put in a little extra work to capture the movement but the results will be worth it.

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