Tips Untuk Mendapatkan Foto Keren Dengan Biaya Minimal

Tips for Getting Cool Photos with Minimal Costs

Maybe for some people photography is an expensive hobby. It cannot be denied that the price of the camera and equipment is quite affordable. But to produce good photos, of course that is not an obstacle. It only takes courage and creativity as follows:

1. Buy used photography equipment

This is quite risky. However, if the budget to buy your dream new equipment is not enough, maybe buying used equipment could be one way. However, it is recommended to invite someone who is experienced in photography to research the details of the items you want to buy.

For example, on a camera, you need to check the shutter count on the camera. If you are going to buy a lens, you can check by trying it on your camera , whether there are any defects, malfunctions, or differences in the photo results caused by mold or dirt.

2. Be creative by making your own equipment

You don't have to buy all photography equipment, there is some equipment you can make yourself, for example a diffuser for a flash lamp made from paper. Apart from that, you can make your own softbox from materials you may already have around you.

Don't forget to follow photography communities because you can get unique ideas from there.

3. Master the equipment you have

You only have a beginner camera and kit lens, don't feel inferior, KEE friends. You can learn all the features and capabilities of your camera so you can use it to its full potential. It is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of each equipment you have so that it can help produce good photos. Don't rush to change cameras to follow trends, even though you haven't mastered the previous camera.

4. Lots of practice

Practice makes perfect. Yep! Totally agree with this quote. The more we practice, the more our skills and sensitivity will be honed and developed. Additionally, you can try several types of photography and find which type you like the most.

Happy learning and trying!

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