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Boomerang Tips & Tricks

Surely you are already familiar with this one, yep! Make your videos really fun! Boomerang is a video that is a combination of several photos played backwards - forwards - backwards again. But it's really important for you to know how the boomerang works so you can plan first. Don't worry, there's no need for anything complicated, KEE friends, it's as simple as if you want to cut a cake or take a selfie. If you have a more exciting idea, that's great! The most important thing is that your video is clear and not blurry.

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Some tips for your boomerang video:

1. Create layers

You can try something unique and interesting by creating layers in your video, for example when your friend wants to jump into the swimming pool, maybe you won't get the right video in one shot. Instead of repeating yourself and telling your friends to jump again, you can simultaneously record 2-3 of your friends jumping together to emerge from the water, or making funny expressions.

2. Hold your cellphone tightly

One of the keys to taking boomerang videos is to keep your cellphone stable and not shake too much, especially if the video you are taking has a lot of movement in it. You can also try to keep your main subject still in the middle of a moving crowd. But still, you have to hold it tightly so that it doesn't sway.

3. Practice and be creative

There is nothing wrong with being creative and practicing to make an interesting video. You can also try something you've never done before, or try recording with a tripod, in the water, or with a jump.

There is no right or wrong when making boomerang videos, keep being creative and create!

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