Tips Terlihat Lebih Kurus di Foto

Tips for Looking Thinner in Photos

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Who doesn't want to look skinny when photographed? Especially girls are usually busy arranging their positions so they look skinny when they want to be photographed. How do you do it? Come on, take a look!

1. Hands on Hips

Hands on your hips will help your body appear straighter because you will pull your shoulders back and you can point your fingers forward. Turn your head slightly to the side and keep your eyes facing the camera.

2. Both hands on the chin

You can put both hands on your chin, but try to make it look relaxed and not stiff. The elbow position can be pointed towards the camera. But remember to relax your wrist.

3. One hand on the face

You can try with one hand touching your cheek and the other hand folded across your stomach. Try to look as natural as possible so you don't look tense. You can give a big smile or your typical attractive smile.

4. One hand on your hip

Having one hand on your hip can make you look thinner compared to having both hands straight down. You can tilt your head slightly to the side to emphasize your face.

5. Hands on hips and on face

This position can make you look more flexible. Pay attention to facial expressions so that they look relaxed and smile as naturally as possible. You can lift your face slightly upwards.

6. One hand on hips, one on shoulders

Try to keep your body upright so you can look thin. You can put one hand on your shoulders and the other on your stomach so that the focus is on your shoulders, not your stomach. Pay attention to your smile so that it looks natural and not stiff. Don't forget that your head should not be lowered.

7. Full body photo

To take photos that look full, you need to pay attention to the position of your legs so they are closed. You can get around this with one stiffener in the front, the other in the back. Keep your body upright and relaxed. You can put your hands on your waist and one on your chin.

Good luck!

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