Tips Tambahan Color Grading

Additional Color Grading Tips

It's fun to experiment with color grading... Mimin has several tips for creating a cinematic style where the saturation is lowered and dramatic.

  • Use a large aperture of around f/1.4 and f/2.0. The point is to make your background bokeh and blurry.

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  • If you are shooting indoors with an external flash, you can add some shadows to the model's face because flat lighting will look boring.
  • If you can't get dramatic light, don't worry... You can edit it using dodge and burn in Photoshop.

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  • For outdoor shooting, it is recommended to shoot when the sun starts to set. You will get soft light on the model's face, and there are city lights behind him, the result is more cinematic. It is highly recommended to use a large aperture.
  • For models, the results will be optimal if they have strong expressions, especially for men.

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  • Don't forget about composition, and leave an empty area in the frame.
  • It is recommended that models do not use colors that are too bright such as yellow, pink. Colors that are neutral and tend to be dark will be more suitable.
  • You can use additional colors to give depth to the photo. For example, the model uses blue and the background is yellow or orange. Usually most of the main subjects are in cool colors, and the background in warmer colors.

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  • Another thing that is quite important, your model must look like a character. Use accessories, clothes or poses that make your character strong enough.

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