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Plane Photography Tips (Part 2)

Let's look at the tips below...

6. Lenses

To get started, you only need one type of lens that can take many photos per second, such as a Canon 100-400mm or Nikon 80-400mm. But if you are starting to get addicted, you will definitely want to have a wide lens around 18-35mm or 16-35mm because you are used to shooting with f/11 or f/32.

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7. Take part in an air show

For first timers, it's okay to take part in an air show, even though it's still quite rare for air shows in Indonesia. There are many types of aircraft, slow and fast, ordinary aircraft to quite rare ones. You can also learn about the history of the plane which is actually quite important apart from just photographing it.

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8. Volunteers / volunteers

Some of the best aviation photographers still share their time with volunteers, such as at museums or air shows because volunteers need one very important thing, namely commitment because many photographers don't keep their promises, or don't do their best. Sometimes you might be invited to fly by a pilot.

9. Photo prints

Photos can speak volumes, and when you give prints of your photos to aircraft owners or pilots, most of them will be happy to welcome you back.

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10. Good relationship

Having a good relationship with the aircraft owner, pilot, or person related to the world of aviation is one of the most important things. It could be said that a good relationship with them is one of the most important keys in the world of aviation.

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