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OOTD Tips for Using a Cell Phone Camera

The current trend of OOTD, outfit of the day is spreading to everyone who wants to show off the clothes they wear, not just girls, KEE friends, guys are no less popular too! Well, usually this photo is taken with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but don't worry, you can also use a cellphone camera and the results are not inferior to a DSLR camera as long as you know the tips below:

1. Create an interesting composition

Composition plays quite an important role. If your camera is good but the composition is not good, your photos will also be less good. For example, you can use a lead the eye composition. With architectural lines combined with pop colors, your clothes make your clothes stand out more.

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2. Take lots of photos until you get the best one

Usually you don't get a good photo in one shot. Don't be lazy about taking lots of photos because according to a small survey the ratio of photos taken and good photos is only 10:1, which means out of 10 photos only 1 is good.

3. Try different poses

Create several kinds of poses, for example walking, or candid poses or even strange poses that you have never tried before. Don't be afraid to try because who knows, an unintentional pose might actually produce a good photo.

4. Understand good angles for photos

Everyone has a different angle to photograph. It's important for you to know which angle is good for you so you can maximize that part.

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5. Don't use sunscreen if you use a flash

Using sunscreen or sunblock can cause a white cast effect on the face when highlighted with a flash. The whitecast effect is a white spot on the face that is only visible in photos, not visible in person.

6. Pay attention to the details of the clothes that you want to highlight

You need to know which part of the shirt you want to highlight. Don't hesitate to focus on that part, for example the ribbon on the side or the motif on the fabric.


7. Choose a background that contrasts with the clothes

You need to be smart in choosing a background so that your clothes don't lose out to the background of your photo later. You can choose a plain background if your clothes are brightly colored or have a busy pattern so they stand out. Or vice versa, you can also choose a busy background if your clothes are plain.

8. Be observant in determining light

Light is one of the important things in this OOTD photo. Natural light is usually better than outdoor light. You can take photos in the morning after the sun rises a little, and in the afternoon when the sun starts to set. You can take photos facing the sun so that there are certain effects that make your photos more interesting.

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