Tips Merekam Video Dengan HP

Tips for recording videos with a cellphone

It's really possible to make videos with a cellphone, the results are professional. But it's important for you to know the tips so that your video results aren't amateurish. Let's look at the tips...

1. Don't record videos in a vertical position

Most of us record videos in a vertical position, because it's easier to upload them to social media like Instagram. But when you open it on another device, for example a computer or TV with a landscape display, your video looks small. You can try recording in a horizontal position to be safe if you want to upload it to YouTube at any time. Maybe the alternative is to suit your needs, if it's vertical, then record vertically, whereas if the goal is to upload it to YouTube, it's better to record horizontally.

2. Tripods

You can use the help of a tripod just like a camera, especially when using a slow shutter speed so that your video is more stable. Anti-fatigue and anti-sore.

3. Lock focus manually

Smartphones can usually detect focus and adjust exposure automatically. But the downside is that when there is movement, your smartphone will readjust the exposure and focus, which can result in your video being blurry or too bright. The solution is that you can lock focus manually. The method is to tap the screen on the desired part, tap for a long time, a lock icon will appear indicating that the focus and exposure are locked.

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4. Don't use digital zoom

Never try to zoom in on your camera when recording video. There's no need to ask about the results anymore, they will definitely be broken and pixelated unless your cellphone has an optical zoom feature of up to 5x.

If you want to enlarge an object in your video, there is no other way than to move closer.

5. Light source

As in photography, the light source is an important element. It is recommended not to use a flash because the light produced is harsh, or you can use a cloth cover to make the light softer.

6. External microphone

Usually when you record a video, the sound that comes in is the sound that it is, there are background sounds that come in and interfere, for example the sound of vehicles on the highway. You can add an external microphone that can be connected to a smartphone. This microphone can help capture sound and produce clearer output.

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