Tips Menguasai Flatlay

Tips for Mastering Flatlay

Who doesn't know Flatlay? It looks easy, yes, but producing good photos is not as easy as it seems. The items you use can vary, from food, make-up, clothes, or equipment for traveling. So what are the tips?

1. Create a theme that will be taken

Before taking a photo, of course you already have a theme of what you want to create. Keep in mind that in flatlay, of course the items used must match the theme. It's definitely strange if you're taking a food-themed photo and suddenly there are shoes there... Don't forget because it's fun to include lots of things until your main subject gets drowned out.

Photo by : Instagram @imdrewscott

2. Determine the light

No need to buy a lamp, you can use sunlight. Don't forget to take it at the best time. The best time for the sun is usually at 9 am. You can use the help of a reflector.

3. Flatlay composition

There are various kinds of flatlay compositions, you can try with grid compositions arranged in straight lines. You need to consider the distance from right to left and between subjects.

Photo by : Instagram @alexetiawan_

Apart from that, you can also try freestyle compositions, which have a focus in the middle. The most important thing is that you start organizing from the largest items.

Photo by : Instagram @alexetiawan_

4. Editing

In editing, you can use the applications you like, such as Snapseed, VSCO, and others. Actually, the editing feature is not really used because the main key to a flatlay is the arrangement of the objects in it. Editing that you can do is adding contrast, editing lighting, and so on.

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