Tips Menggunakan Shutter Release

Tips for Using Shutter Release

Usually, if you take a photo and press the shutter button by hand, there can still be shock which results in blurry photos. To take photos with a long aperture, using a tripod is quite helpful. But coupled with a shutter release, it will be even better at minimizing shake.

Steps for use in shooting:

  1. Mount the camera on a tripod
  2. Connect the shutter release to the camera
  3. Use live view mode
  4. Low ISO setting
  5. Use shutter priority mode
  6. Set the shutter speed and aperture
  7. Press the button on the remote switch to take a photo

You need to check which shutter release is compatible with your camera. Apart from that, there is usually a feature to lock it when you take a photo for a long time so you don't need to keep pressing the shutter button until it's finished.

It is highly recommended to use live view mode to minimize mirror shake when pressing the shutter with the viewfinder so that your photos can be really sharp.

The image looks sharp with liveview mode. (left) ; The image looks a bit blurry when shooting using the viewfinder (right)
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