Tips Mengatur Kamera di Dalam Air

Tips for Setting Up the Camera in Water

For those of you who want to try taking photos underwater while on holiday, Mimin has some tips to keep your photos sharp.

1. The setting mode used

If you are shooting with natural light and you don't have enough time to set up your camera, it is recommended to use the automatic setting mode. For example, when photographing stingrays passing by. But if you have enough time, for example photographing a stationary object, you can use manual mode to produce maximum photo results.

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2. Exposure settings

You can adjust the amount of light you want to get. Because light can provide a depth perspective to your photos. For example, for macro photos, depth of field is very important. You can use f/8 to f/22 settings. Meanwhile, for wider angles you can use f/5 to f/22.

For shutter speed settings, it is recommended not to use a shutter speed that is too slow. at 1/60 or 1/80 at least to be able to target swimming fish.

As for ISO settings, when shooting macro you usually use a low ISO. Meanwhile, for wide photos, you may be able to use a higher ISO to balance the light coming in from the additional lights.

3. Use of zoom / macro

If you want to get a closer focus that magnifies the object, then you can use the macro feature. But if the object is larger you can use a zoom lens. For macro objects that are too small, you can install a special close-up lens outside the camera when zooming in to eliminate the vignette effect.

PowerShot G7 X Mark II, f/10.0, 36.8mm, 1/200sec, ISO125

4. Tone the photo so it's not too blue

You can use a red filter to balance the color. Apart from that, you can use the flash on the camera or other additional lights to get balanced colors.

5. Safety

Don't forget about personal safety. Always pay attention to the remaining air and the No-Decompression Limit (NDL) , the diver's time period at a certain depth. Don't get too busy taking photos but forget about safety.

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