Tips Mengasah Komposisi-KEE INDONESIA

Composition Tips

Composition is one of the important components in photography. How do you improve your composition skills? Come on, let's discuss it..

1. Use 1 lens continuously

To improve your composition, you can use 1 lens for a long period of time so that you get used to it and can understand how it works and get good results. Also, when you get used to it, you can be more sensitive to the focal length you use. 

2. Black and white photos

One way is to make black and white photos. Black and white photos can sharpen shapes, lines and patterns so that you will be indirectly forced to arrange photos more carefully so that they look attractive.

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3. Using patterns

Patterns are very necessary in honing photographic composition. Patterns can be shapes, lines, colors, objects or objects with repetition. It takes the right feeling to get good photos.

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4. Look for lines and negative space photo subjects

Taking objects in a negative plane can also strengthen the main subject. Additionally, with negative space, the focus is automatically on the main subject. You will be motivated to know how to get a composition that stands out and is interesting.


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