Tips Memotret Objek Sederhana

Tips for Photographing Simple Objects

For KEE friends who work from home (WFH), you can still be creative in producing good photos even at home. Simple subjects can also produce interesting photos. Don't believe it? Come on, check out the tips here...

1. Try a different perspective

You can experiment with shooting from a different angle than usual while you have enough time.

Source : iPhotography Course

2. Add decoration to the subject

Maybe you think your subject is too simple, you can add decorations such as colored paper, or sprinkles with glitter, or lights.

Photo by : Izabella Bedo

3. Bokeh photos

You can use a bokeh background, your photos will immediately look more attractive. Apart from that, you can also experiment with the shape of your bokeh.

Photo by : Izabella Bedo

4. Shoot from close range

You can try to photograph your subject from a close distance so that it highlights the details of your subject which can make your photo different from usual.

5. Add hand elements

Sometimes there are subjects that are less interesting if they are just put there. You can use your hands to hold the subject so it looks more attractive.

6. Use striking colors

You can use striking colors to get a different impression in your photos. Different colors can also give a different feel, you know.

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