Tips Memotret Kekinian di Restoran

Tips for Taking Contemporary Photos in Restaurants

Nowadays everyone is competing to follow trends, yep! Especially if it's not a recent photo at a restaurant. But it's not just about taking photos, KEE friends... There are some tips, what are they...?

1. Change the aspect ratio

Usually, to photograph food, you need to consider the composition, angle and angle of taking the photo, as well as the background. So, you can try this one, changing the aspect ratio of the photo. What is usually used is 3:2 , but usually when photographing food it creates a lot of unwanted space. You can try exploring other ratios such as 1:1 and playing with the composition, as in the photo below. The square ratio provides an interesting composition with a slight crop on the round parts of the plate.

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2. Use natural light from the restaurant atmosphere

Usually restaurants are equipped with windows so that there is natural sunlight. You can choose to sit next to the window to take good photos. Light from the side makes the object not flat, there is a depth of space which makes the photo more interesting. You can use a book or white object as a reflector so that the shadows are not too harsh.

3. Use white balance settings

Apart from that, there are also restaurants where the atmosphere is dim, the light is yellowish, you can use it to give a warm and relaxed impression to your photos. But if the color effect is too strong on the photo, you can use white balance to help adjust the colors in the photo.

4. Use various shooting angles

To photograph food, for example, you don't always have to do it from the side, you can explore it by using an angle from above, for example. Every food has its own angle, not all of them are the same. For example, a salad will be more interesting when photographed from above, because it can show what ingredients are in it, and the colors contrast and make the photo more interesting.

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