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Tips Interiors Photography

Maybe it looks easy for you to photograph a room, but make no mistake, photographing a room is actually not as easy as just pressing the shutter. What are your tips for photographing interiors?

1. Create a concept

You need to understand the room you are going to photograph , which parts you want to highlight. It's better not to force to include all corners / furniture in one frame.

2. Lighting

Good lighting is one of the main keys to interior photography. Still, natural light is the best light source. The best time to photograph is when the light is no more than 45 degrees from the ground, namely at 6-9 am or 15-18 pm because the light produced is soft and not too harsh.

You can open all the windows in the room and turn on all the lights. After that you can see whether there are still dark corners that are too contrasty.

Work: Todd Beltz
EOS 5D Mark III, TS-E24mm f/3.5L II lens, f/11, 1/5sec, 24mm, ISO 1600

3. Equipment

To get good photos, you also need supporting equipment. It is recommended to use a tripod that is strong but also light to make it easier to carry. Choose a tripod that has high flexibility.

For lenses, you can use a wide lens. Usually the focal length used is 28-32mm to avoid distortion.

4. Room atmosphere

You need to pay attention to details in the room you are going to photograph. Because no matter how good the interior design is, you can't forget the small touches in the furniture that can give character to the room, such as a fruit basket on the table.

5. Exposure

In interior photography, it is necessary to capture the shiny details on the leather sofa or the texture on the furniture that gives the atmosphere to the room. You can use a diaphragm at a large number such as f/22, a low ISO and a slightly longer shutter speed so that everything looks sharp in the image.

Work: Todd Beltz
EOS 5D Mark III, TS-E24mm f/3.5L II lens, f/11, 1/40sec, 24mm, ISO 400
6. Corner

Try experimenting by trying different perspectives so you can create interesting photos. If you are in a small room, you can take photos from an angle to give the illusion of a bigger room.

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