Tips Memotret Foto Produk di Rumah

Tips for Taking Product Photos at Home

Again, WFH is not an excuse not to be productive, right? You can still take good pictures of your products to increase your income, especially during this pandemic season. Check out some tips, okay?

1. Plain background

The easiest way to take product photos is to use a plain background, it can be plain white or colored, just adjust it to the type of product and concept you want.

2. Use natural light

Natural light is one of the best lights for your photography, and it's free. As long as you can use it optimally. Apart from the light being quite soft, the spread of the light is also quite large. Don't forget to use a reflector to provide more light on the side that is not exposed to light. You can use windows or doors in your house as a source of natural light.

3. Flatlay photo

Of course, flatlay photos are familiar. You can also use this type of photo for your product. Apart from increasing creativity, you can also make your sales photos more attractive to people who see them. Don't forget to keep highlighting your main product.

4. DSLR cameras vs smartphones

You can use any camera. If you use a DSLR, you should use RAW format to make it easier to edit photos. Meanwhile, if you use a smartphone camera, you need to pay attention to the light around you. You can use morning or evening light because it is softer.

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