Tips Memotret Candid (Part 2)

Tips for Candid Photography (Part 2)


6. Portraits of people doing activities

People who are active will be more attractive and look candid compared to people who are sitting. The photo will focus on the activity being carried out and can add energy and story to a photo.

7. Portraits of people interacting

Your photos will be more interesting if there are people interacting in them because they can depict emotions and relationships in the photo. Apart from that, through interaction you can give a story to your photo.

8. Shoot as low as possible

If you point the camera directly at your subject, they will most likely notice it and may seem a bit stiff. You can take photos without lifting the camera too high and use a wide angle to get maximum photos.

9. Expand perspectives

Different angles can give a different impression to the photo. You can try various perspectives by squatting, from a high place, framing, zooming, wide, etc. Using various perspectives can make your photos more varied.

10. Framing

A trick that is quite widely used is to use elements at the front of the photo as if you are hiding behind them. You can take various foregrounds, for example people's shoulders, tree branches, or window and door frames.

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