Tips Memotret Candid (Part 1)

Tips for Candid Photography (Part 1)

Candid photos definitely have their own impression compared to formal photography. Not many events usually have 2 photographers, 1 to take formal photos, the other to capture candid moments. What are some tips for making the photos you take feel like candids? Let's discuss...

1. Take the camera everywhere

One way is to have equipment such as a camera ready wherever you go so that when there are good moments, you can immediately take out the camera and take photos. Besides, if you go with friends or other people, they will get used to you bringing a camera so they can be more relaxed and not tense when you take photos.

2. Use zoom

When you take a photo, it would be better if you are far enough away so that the subject you are photographing doesn't realize you are being photographed so they can remain relaxed and natural.

3. Turn off the flash

Flash light can give a signal that you are taking a photo and will make the subject stiffen and know that you are being photographed. You can get around this by increasing the ISO and using the widest aperture possible.

4. Increase photos

Use continuous shot to get several photos at once. Sometimes, you can get a good photo among many of them and it looks spontaneous without being contrived.

5. Strategic position

To get good candid photos, you definitely have to be in a good position too. Try to train yourself to think one step ahead, for example when taking wedding photos, what will happen next, or where is the best place to take good moments. Asking more questions will make you more observant and explore the room in detail.

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