Tips Meminta Foto Waktu Liburan

Tips for Asking for Vacation Photos

During holidays, sometimes we need help from people around us to take our photos. But quite a few people take it haphazardly, which makes them annoyed, right? Well, you can check out the following tips so that those who help you and you are both happy...

1. Polite

If you ask for help, you definitely have to be nice, right? If you ask for help rudely, automatically the person won't want to help you. You can start by apologizing for interrupting their activities.

2. Instructions for use

You can tell them briefly how to use your camera. This can avoid confusion and you don't have to wait a long time because you need to take photos repeatedly.

3. Explain what kind of photo you want

This one is very important, most of you don't explain what kind of photo you want. As a result, the photos taken are far from what you imagined. You can explain where we want to be photographed, what can be seen in 1 frame.

4. Don't hesitate to see the results

Don't hesitate to check the photos immediately after completion. If the results are not satisfactory, you can ask him to retake the photo, as well as showing what kind of photo you want.

5. Give a reply

Most likely you asked tourists for help. You can also offer them similar help. It's really possible if you offer it before they ask for help.

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