Tips Membuat Vlog Dengan HP

Tips for Making Vlogs with Cellphones

To get professional looking video results you don't need expensive equipment, as we discussed yesterday. So today Mimin wants to discuss tips for all KEE friends. Come check it here..

1. Activate the stabilizer

One of the important things is that the resulting video is stable and doesn't shake here and there which can make viewers dizzy, making viewers reluctant to watch your video. So, don't forget to activate the stabilizer feature found in the cellphone camera settings feature before recording. By activating this feature, you can reduce the vibrations that occur when you record so that your video looks more stable and smooth.

2. Set the white balance

Most of you immediately record without paying attention to the resulting color, so your video has a bluish or yellowish color. It's a good idea to test first whether the results match the color you want and adjust the camera's white balance.

3. Smoother movement

If you want movement in your video, try to move smoothly. Also, when you take pictures, don't move from one object to another too quickly or suddenly because it can make your video blurry during the movement process. Move your cellphone as smoothly as possible so that your video looks professional.

4. Avoid zooming on videos

Using zoom is not recommended for taking videos using a smartphone because it can cause noise and break the video. If you want to take an object closer, it is better for you to step forward towards the object so that the object looks closer but the results are still clear.

5. Video shooting angle

Angle really influences the results and gives an impression to your video. For example, when you make a video of an angry person, you can use a low angle so that the angry person looks scarier compared to a parallel angle.

6. Placement of objects

One thing you need to pay attention to is the placement of objects in the video. You don't always have to be in the middle, you can experiment so that the results of your video don't look monotonous and are more interesting. You can use the surrounding environment to fill empty space, but don't let it attract more attention than your main object.

7. Symmetrical video capture

Sometimes you don't pay attention to the position of the camera when recording so the result turns out to be a skewed video. It's better if you pay attention to the position of your cellphone before starting to record.

8. Don't cover the microphone

Most people are used to taking pictures with their cellphones, and often forget that when recording videos, it turns out that the microphone part was accidentally covered with their hand. You can try to get used to it so you don't make this mistake.

9. Clean the lens

It is necessary to keep the camera and lens on your cellphone clean because if there is dust or dirt that gets in the way, it will be visible in your video results. You can clean it with a soft cloth so it doesn't scratch your camera.

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10. Check the memory on the cellphone

Make sure before recording that you check the condition of your memory to see whether it is sufficient for recording because the recording process is usually continuous and continuous. Don't let yourself be busy recording and have to stop because your memory is full. With more free space remaining in memory, it can make the recording process lighter. But on the other hand, if there is only a little space left in the memory, it can make your video look broken and not smooth.

11. Sound detection test

It is important to detect sound first before recording. Don't let it happen that when you have finished the recording process it turns out that the sound is not coming in because there is damage/interference.

12. Battery condition

The condition of the battery during the recording process also affects the video results. If the battery is full or above 50%, the video results are as good as can be seen by the eye, but if it is below 50% it will be very influential, the resulting effect could be that the video color drops, the video breaks or stutters, and your cellphone hangs.

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