Tips Membuat Efek Splash Pada Minuman

Tips for Creating a Splash Effect in Drinks

After learning yesterday about photographing water drops, today we want to learn again, still about water... Yep! Tips for creating a splash effect in drinks. Some tips from photographer Dustin Dolby:

1. Prepare the equipment

The equipment used is quite simple. You need to prepare an empty glass and coaster, 2 diffusers on the back of the glass, and an external flash behind the diffuser. You can add an external flash to the right or left of the glass, as well as to your camera.

Photo by : Dustin Dolby from Workphlo

2. You can try taking a photo of the glass empty, after getting the settings that are approximately okay then fill the glass with water. The settings for this technique are similar to yesterday's water drop technique, use a fast shutter speed above 1/125. Try throwing an ice cube into a glass and aiming. Try several times and change the settings to get different exposures. For tips, you can try setting shutter speed 1/250, aperture f/11 and ISO 1600. However, these settings are not standard and you can adjust them to the conditions and results you want.

3. Apart from adjusting the exposure, you can also use a black board on the back so that the edge of the mouth of the glass can be seen clearly. If the shadow of your hand enters the frame, you can change the way you throw the ice cubes into the glass.

4. After getting the desired result, you can edit it so that it is more charming and dramatic. With fairly simple equipment and techniques, you can produce photos that look professional and classy.

Try it out KEE friends!

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