Tips Membuat Background Bokeh

Tips for Creating a Bokeh Background

Photos with bokeh backgrounds are still very popular today. You can make it yourself, KEE friends, and the method is quite simple. You can use alumunium foil sheets and external flash. What equipment is needed?
- Camera
- Lens with large aperture
- External flash and wireless trigger
- Low power spotlight
- Aluminum foil
- Scissors and tape
- Colored transparent plastic

The method :

1. Take a piece of alumunium foil, crumple it until it becomes wrinkled

Source :

2. Place alumunium as the background object

3. Place a flash light under the table to place the object and point it at the alumunium foil.

4. Place the spotlight on the side of the object, use a piece of paper in front of the spotlight to make the light softer, not too harsh.

5. Turn on the spotlight and flash, see the results, something like this. Oh yes, when taking photos, don't forget to turn off the lights.

6. You can use colored transparent plastic on the front of the flash so that the background becomes colored.

Some results from using colored plastic:

You can also add spotlights on the sides so that the light becomes brighter, especially for objects that are quite numerous so that the light is more even, not partially dark. Unless you want photos that are a bit dark (low light).

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