Tips Memaksimalkan Metering dan Fitur AE Lock

Tips for Maximizing Metering and AE Lock Features

KEE friends, do you still remember discussing the AE lock feature? Well, this time Mimin wants to discuss tips for you to maximize the use of AE lock and metering.

The AE lock feature is usually used to lock the light settings so they remain the same when you change the composition of the object. Usually suitable for use in places where the lighting has different contrasts.

Well, you can maximize it with spot metering. For example, if you want to take a photo with ambient light, but the main object is dark, you can lock the exposure on the bright part by half-pressing the shutter button on the bright area, clicking the AE lock button, then aiming at the dark object.

Photo of objects with spot metering, without AE lock
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Photo of objects with spot metering, with AE lock

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