Tips Ink Photography

Ink Photography Tips

This type of photography is unique and unusual... You really have to try it, especially since it's not complicated to do... Check out the tips!

1. Adequate photo set

You don't need to take photos in a studio, you can also take photos at home, it's as simple as that... The tools used are also simple, a camera and a tripod. Apart from that, for lighting you can use an external flash or LED light. It doesn't need to be expensive.

2. Aquarium size

The size of the aquarium determines the amount of ink you need to inject into the water. If your aquarium is large, you will definitely need more ink to create a cloud-like blob effect. You can adjust it to suit your photo needs. Apart from aquariums, you can also use clear glasses or jars.

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3. Choose an attractive ink color

Usually in this photography, 2 or more colors of ink are used. But you need creativity in choosing colors so that the results are attractive. Choose eye-catching colors so they immediately attract attention. You also need to know the science of color matching when mixing colors.

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4. Background color

Generally, ink photography uses a white or black background. The white color gives a clean, simple and modern impression. Meanwhile, black gives a strong, exclusive, mysterious impression. It's best to match the background color to the color of the ink you're going to use, so as not to make your colors become dim and drowned.

5. Angle of shooting

The shooting angle is also quite influential. You can find different shapes from various angles. To get an interesting angle, you need to repeatedly inject ink into the water, aka trial and error. You can try using a macro lens to get quite extreme details of the ink blobs. 

6. Responsive to capture the moment

Ink photography is similar to photography in nature. You need to be sensitive and responsive to capture the moment so you can get a good photo.

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