Tips Fotografi Underwater

Underwater Photography Tips

Underwater photography is not as popular as other types of photography because it requires special techniques and other equipment accessories. Come on, Mimin will give you some tips, in case you are interested in trying it and get addicted!

1. Learn diving techniques

To take photos underwater, the first thing you must learn is diving techniques. Why? Because taking photos underwater doesn't just take one or two shots straight away, but takes quite a long time. If you can't dive, then you will have difficulty staying in the water for a long time, and you won't be able to maintain your body balance so your photos will be blurry.

2. Use a suitable camera

There are no specific rules for which camera to use, but you need to pay attention to how sensitive your camera is to water. You can use the help of a waterproof case to protect your camera. It is recommended to use an action camera such as a GoPro which is waterproof.


3. Use burst or continuous shoot

If this is your first time trying it, you can try it in a shallow pool so you can learn to take and regulate your breath at the same time. You can use burst to get lots of direct photos in one shot. You just need to prepare a large enough memory.

4. Use a waterproof case or housing

If you use a DSLR camera or smartphone that is not waterproof, you must use a waterproof case so that your camera is protected. You can set the camera first before inserting it into the case.

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