Tips Fotografi Pernikahan

Wedding Photography Tips

1. Use a full-frame or mirrorless DSLR
For important moments, it is recommended to bring a professional level DSLR camera and preferably a full frame one. It really doesn't matter what brand it is as long as the photo resolution is above 1OMP with a flexible AF range. Apart from that, a camera that can take good photos in low light will also be very helpful.

2. Shooting in RAW
The reason is because in RAW all the information obtained by the sensor will be directly recorded raw and without processing from the camera processor. So the images produced by RAW tend to be less sharp, the colors are flat, and not punchy.

3. Have a Backup Camera
Don't forget to prepare a backup camera. It doesn't need to be as serious as the main camera, it can also be mirrorless, the important thing is that the quality is good. Make sure the body supports the lenses you bring.

4. Use wedding accessories
When doing Wedding Photography, special touches are very important to add elements of beauty. Adding accessories such as a crown or flower bouquet can be an option to complete the bride's appearance.

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