Tips Fotografi Makanan

Food Photography Tips

1. Prepare and use equipment
Equipment is an important element before doing food photography. Some of the equipment that must be prepared includes a DSLR or mirrorless camera, lens, tripod, lighting, table top and softbox.

2. Lighting
Apart from using natural light such as sunlight, we also need to prepare artificial light. This artificial light can come from studio lights and flash from a smartphone or camera. Generally, food photography is done indoors where the room does not always have enough light.

3. Angle
Another component that cannot be separated in food photography is the angle taking technique. The best images will be produced by taking the right angle. For beginners, there is a "triangle" angle technique that is practiced to produce good food photography.

4. Work on Texture
Texture in food is one of the elements in the appearance of a dish because it can not only be a focal point but can also be a visual attraction for the food being photographed.


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