Tips Fotografi Fashion (Part 2)

Fashion Photography Tips (Part 2)

6. Light settings

Sometimes just one light source may not be enough. You need another light source such as an external flash or you can also use the lights around you. Try all angles and angles to get the best lighting.

7. Use of property

The right props can help to tell the story you want or can also help strengthen the concept of the photo. It's best to use enough props, it doesn't need to fill the photo space because your props might stand out more than your model.

8. Setting the right location

Location settings have a big influence on the results of your photos. Choose the right location with the concept and model of clothing to be photographed. In the studio, you can also create the desired location settings.

9. Explore corners

Explore all corners and angles to get the best results. you can move around, up stairs, or closer and further away from the model. Make sure the clothes are exposed to the maximum.

10. Assistant

Fashion photography can be done alone but if you have an assistant it will be very helpful. You don't need to go up and down stairs, for example, just to correct the position of the reflector.

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