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Photo Storytelling Tips

For a photographer, a photo is definitely not just good. If you can attract people who see your photos to think deeper, that is a very good achievement. Here are some tips for creating storytelling photos apart from composition and lighting:

1. Insert small details into the photo.

Imagine you want to write a story about someone, for example your neighbor. You can include details related to hobbies, books they like for example, or a photo of their hands full of dirt if they like gardening, or a photo of them surrounded by their favorite objects. All these details can add a story to your photo.

Photo by : Ben McKechnie
The photo tells the story of the stark differences between rich and needy people. Details such as plastic bags and the condition of hands are compared with the backdrop of tall buildings opposite.

2. Use several types of photo styles in one story series

To immortalize an event or situation, sometimes you need not just one photo, but several series of photos that have a common thread. Make sure you take these photos in various styles such as wide angle, zoom, from a height, from a lower angle, and various others.

3. Master the entire frame

As a photographer, we not only think about the position of the subject we are photographing, but also the entire frame. There are many ways to get the best photos, from stretching out on the street to climbing up a tree.

4. Make a plan with small notes

Good photos must be accompanied by a mature plan. You can write down the ideas that arise in your notes, what techniques and angles you will take. Apart from that, you can also do research and see how other photographers take photos at that place. Look for angles that have never been done before and create an interesting story.

Sometimes finding a new angle is not as easy as it seems, especially for well-known objects. In this photo, the photographer was lucky enough to have a dog watching the sunset over the Taj Mahal and providing a story. The animal was also able to appreciate the beauty of the building.

5. Put emotion into the photo

To get someone's emotions you usually get a photo of their face. But make no mistake, you can also get emotions from someone's body movements. Sometimes taking the whole body can also strengthen your story.

6. Pay attention to narrative structure

In a film or book there is usually an opening, middle and end. Likewise in photography, you need to pay attention to this structure.

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