Tips Foto Produk Dengan HP Untuk Jualan Online

Product Photo Tips with Mobile Phones for Online Selling

Today, a lot of online sellers take photos of their products using the tools of a million people, yes, mobile phones. Even though it looks easy, you don't want your photos to look haphazard and unattractive. So Mimin has some special tips for those of you who like to take photos of your products with your mobile phone.

1. Light

HP camera sensors are not as good as DSLR cameras, so they take better photos in bright light conditions. Don't use lamp light and it is recommended to use natural sunlight because your photos will look better than using lamp light.

2. Don't use zoom

It is prohibited to use the zoom feature because it will make the photo less sharp. It's best to move closer to the object to get a closer photo. Don't forget to leave space right-left top-bottom in the photo in case the photo needs to be cropped.

3. Styling your product

You can determine the photo theme first and then prepare properties that match that theme. Once everything is ready, you can try taking photos from several angles for the best photo results.

4. Use a photo editing application

Once your photo is finished, you can edit it directly on your cellphone. Some photo applications that are widely used are Snapseed and VSCO.

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