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Jewelry Photo Tips

For KEE friends who want to take photos of jewelry, you definitely want it to look wow. Come on, check out some tips below!

1. Light

You can use natural lighting and use a diffuser if the light is too strong so that the light is even and softer. Apart from that, you can also use a lightbox which is quite simple. You can make it yourself with LED lights, cardboard and a background.

2. Background

You can use a clean background such as white or black. Textured backgrounds are also fine, as long as they are not too flashy. Avoid using busy, patterned or shiny backgrounds as they can take the focus away from the jewelry.

Source : unsplash

3. Lenses

To photograph jewelry, it is recommended to use a macro lens so that it can be seen in more detail. When shooting from close range, pay attention to the focal length of the lens, approximately 60mm at least. You can experiment by using shorter / longer lenses.

4. Models / props

You can use the help of props such as necklace stands, hand displays for rings or other props. These props help show the size and appearance of what they look like when worn.

Source : Instagram : @tuloladesigns

5. Many photo options

The more photos about a product, the more buyers can see the details of the product. It really helps buyers to get a more detailed idea about the product.

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