Tips Foto Lebih Fotogenik (Part 2)-KEE INDONESIA

Tips for More Photogenic Photos (Part 2)

1. Strengthen the chin line

According to photographer Peter Hurley, photos are better with the chin tilted slightly forward so that the chin line looks stronger and more defined.

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2. Relax

One of the main keys that people like to forget is relaxing. When being photographed, the model must be relaxed so that the result is not stiff. You can try opening the conversation so that the atmosphere is not too tense and makes the model more comfortable. The photographer also needs to relax so that he can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Pay attention to faces with special characters

Sometimes there are some models who have special facial characteristics which are not good in the sense, for example flat noses, chubby cheeks, acne scars, etc. You can try to cover up the shortcomings by highlighting the strengths, for example if your model has acne scars, you should shoot from a light source from the front, not from the side because it will highlight the texture of her face.

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4. Pay attention and correct it

Observe and correct applies to photographers and models. For models, you can avoid trivial things such as having your eyes closed when being photographed, or a face that looks unprepared. Meanwhile, as a photographer, help direct the model to get the best photo, both in terms of angle, style, and others. If there are deficiencies, you can discuss them and fix them. Don't forget to still relax.

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