Tips Foto Lebih Fotogenik (Part 1)-KEE INDONESIA

Tips for More Photogenic Photos (Part 1)

To produce good photos, of course it's not just from the perspective of the photographer. But how can the model also look photogenic on camera. Come on, let's look at the tips to be more photogenic.

1. Avoid shooting from too low an angle

It's best to avoid shooting from too low an angle. It is best to place the lens at eye level or slightly higher. Unless you want to get a certain photo effect.

Source : Youtube : Adorable Channel

2. Pay attention to the focal point of the lens and the distance between your face and the lens

It turns out that the focal length and lens distance have an effect, KEE friends, on the shape of the face in the photo. Usually the ideal lens focal length is between 70-150mm. So usually the prime lens used for portrait photos is around 85mm, 90mm or 135mm. Meanwhile, if you use a wide lens, the results will be distorted, for example the nose will look bigger. The solution is that you can bring the lens closer to your face until the distortion is very small.

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3. Eyes are more attractive

Usually professional models when being photographed squint their eyes slightly so they look more lively and attractive. In addition, the eyes look like they are smiling.

Source : Cho

4. Body position

Photos with upright poses are a bit boring, aren't they? You can try tilting your shoulders towards the camera about 30 degrees. Your face looks more relaxed and can look slimmer!

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5. Smiling too long

Avoid smiling for too long because apart from dry teeth, it can also look forced if it lasts too long. It's best to smile when the photographer gives the signal to press the shutter button.

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