Tips Foto di Akuarium Agar Tidak Buram

Tips for Photos in the Aquarium So They Don't Be Blurry

Pumpung is discussing hickey photos, let's discuss tips so that the photos don't turn out blurry...

1. Increase the ISO

Usually for low light conditions, you will use a slow shutter speed which increases the chance that your photos will be blurry. You can get around this by using a high ISO, the maximum recommended is 3200 but it doesn't make noise.

2. Use the stabilizer feature on the lens

If there is a feature, it's really okay to use it, it's really helpful. Or if you have a tripod, you can also use a tripod. What if you don't have both? Using the manual method, you can try holding your camera tightly, pressing both elbows to your body, leaning your elbows on objects around you.

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3. Prevent reflections from the aquarium

Most of the time, when you take photos of aquariums, you like the reflection from the glass. The tip is that you can try attaching the lens to the aquarium glass, make sure the angle of the aquarium is right, because if it's not right, it could cause distortion in your photos. It is recommended to use a wide lens so you can take in a wider area of ​​the aquarium.

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