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Diptych Photography Tips (Part 2)

6. Create similarities between the subject and the objects belonging to it/around it

One way to describe a subject is to show what they like or objects that are related to them, for example animals, favorite objects, and so on.

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7. Use multiple poses

You can expose several poses at once which can strengthen a person's personality and give movement to your photos. Apart from humans, you can also take the pose of an animal, for example, or a newborn baby.

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8. Create different themes

In 1 digital photo, you can create several different photo themes, for example with different hairstyles, costumes without spamming. This method is good for portfolios because it is quite efficient to show to clients.

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9. A combination of 2 opposing themes

You can also combine 2 photos with completely different and contrasting themes. For example, in the photo below, a combination of cold tones and warmer tones.

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