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Diptych Photography Tips (Part 1)

To make a diptych photo, it doesn't have to be two photos, but can also be 3 photos (triptychs) or more (polyptychs). Some ideas you can try:

1. Shows 2 different moments with movement

In photography movement can change the whole image, for example in sports photography if you take a picture a little too early or too late the results will be very different. You can try using burst mode to get several movements, compositions and angles at once. If a photo is blurry, don't rush to delete it because it could be used as material for a dipstick photo.

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2. Use double exposure

You can use a combination of two images that complement each other, for example humans and nature, which will produce an interesting combination. But don't overdo it. You can also create a contrast between the background and the second image, for example a black and white background image with a colored second image.

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3. Different angles

You can also make simple minimalist photos into digital photos. You can try exploring angles and also the movement of your camera. Different angles can provide different light effects too, there may even be details that you didn't know before, besides that there are also shadows that you can explore.

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4. Explore emotions

You can highlight an emotion, or you can also show the similarity of emotions with different expressions. You need to remember that if you are using a model, get to know their expressions first and find something interesting for your photo.

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5. Use varying depth of field

You can try to be creative with several variations of dof and get out of your comfort zone, the results will be different and could be surprising.

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