Tips Color Grading

Color Grading Tips

Some tips for those of you who are just starting to try color grading...

1. Change the white balance

You can change the white balance (temperature and tint), exposure, contrast, highlights, white and black in your photos. Make sure you have an idea of ​​what kind of photo effect you want to get. Changing the white balance can make your photo warmer or cooler.

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2. Make the color brighter

You can add saturation to your photo, or you can also add color balance to the color you want. It is recommended not to mess with the magenta-green part too much.

3. Outdoor photos

To edit photos, it's best if you take photos indoors, don't edit the background, it's recommended to edit when you take photos outdoors.

4. Saturation

When using saturation in either Photoshop or Lightroom, try experimenting, especially on the subject's skin. Make sure not to over-saturate or under-saturate.

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5. Create a cinematic effect

You need to choose the right subject, and imagine what kind of effect you want to create. Apart from that, you can also choose the right location. For example, you take a photo of a small child sitting by the lake in the afternoon around 3-4 o'clock. The color you get may be good enough, you can add contrast, making the sky bluer and more dramatic. You can also add a grain effect to your photo.

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