Tips Cara Foto Kreatif

Tips how to take Creative Photos

To produce good photos you don't have to use an expensive camera, but you need creativity that is sometimes far from what we think. Let's take a look at the creativity of other photographers who can be your inspiration.

1. Plaster and mobile

You can start from the simplest things that are easy to get, such as plaster and cell phones. Apart from that, sacrifices are also required.


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2. Hairdryer to fluff hair

You can use the help of a day dryer to make your model more alive. No need for strong wind but just a hairdryer.

3. Plastic for effect on the camera

Have unused plastic? You can really use it to produce interesting photo effects. Your photo looks like you used a filter, but it turns out it's cheap.


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4. Be sensitive to the atmosphere

You don't need to go far to get good photos. You can take advantage of the atmosphere around you, such as glass exposed to sunlight.


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