Tips Candle Light Photography (Part 2)

Candle Light Photography Tips (Part 2)

7 . Aperture

You can also use a zoom lens. But keep in mind that the shorter the focal length, the larger the maximum aperture that can be used. For example, if you use an 18-55mm kit lens, then when you use a focal length of 18mm, the maximum aperture you can use is f/3.5. It's better for you to get closer to the subject rather than using the zoom on the lens because it will reduce the maximum aperture width that can be used.

Source : unsplash

8. Shutter speed

One way to get lots of light in a photo is to use a slow shutter speed. But make sure there is no moving subject because it will make the photo blurry.

9. ISO Settings

By changing the ISO setting, you can also increase the light entering the camera. But keep in mind that the higher the ISO, the more noise effects will appear. It is recommended to use ISO 400 and below. Especially if you want to print your photos in large sizes, the noise effect will be visible.

10. White balance

You can experiment with white balance. Auto mode settings may not provide the desired warm colors. You can try indoor or tungsten settings. Use RAW format so you can edit again after processing the photo.

Source : unsplash

11. Composition

The composition that you can use is with candles inside the frame or outside the frame. Both can produce good photos. But what is certain is that the camera settings are different.

12. Other light sources

If you feel that candlelight is not enough, you can add other light that is warm and golden in color.

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