Tips Candle Light Photography (Part 1)

Candle Light Photography Tips (Part 1)

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KEE friends, have you ever heard of this type of photo? As the name suggests, this type of photography uses candles as a light source. Can you imagine, minimal light is the first thing you have to face. Don't worry, let's discuss the tips...

1. Turn off the flash

It's very important that you turn off the flash to get natural light from the candle. If you turn on the flash, the candle light will automatically be covered by your flash light.

2. Use a tripod

For low light, use a tripod to get sharp light because you need to lower the shutter speed to get photos that are bright enough, but prone to blur. You can also use the shutter release to reduce camera shake.

3. Add wax

It's okay to add candles so that the light source is brighter so it can help you with exposure settings.

4. Widen the distance between the candles

If you are confused by the strong shadow on the subject, you can try widening the distance between the candle and the subject so that the shadow formed is softer.

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5. Add reflectors

Reflectors can also be used to add light. You can use a white napkin or any white object you have around you.

6. Fast lens

If you have several types of lenses, choose the fastest lens because it has a wide aperture which can help more light enter. But you also need to remember that if the lens is wide open, the focus area will be smaller.

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