Tips Bisnis Fotografi Tanpa Modal

Photography Business Tips Without Capital

1. You can do it without capital

Want to start a photography business but have minimal capital or even no capital? What can I do? Yes, KEE friends... If you are skilled enough at photography, that is one of your strengths. If there is a request to take photos but you don't have a camera, you can ask for a down payment first then use the money to rent equipment. Now there are many rental places at affordable prices and the process is quite easy. But you need to remember that you first check the condition of the camera before renting it to avoid unwanted things.

2. You don't have to have expensive equipment

Expensive equipment can help you get good photos, but it doesn't guarantee that your photos will always be good. It always comes back to the user, whether you are creative enough and can see the right composition for a photo.

3. Create the best portfolio

A portfolio in photography is important because you can convince your consumers through your portfolio. A portfolio can also be a benchmark for the value of your photography, whether it looks professional and attractive. Apart from that, through your portfolio you can show your photography style and you can not follow it if the client's wishes are not in line with your photography style.

4. Determine the price benchmark

Give a price that you think is appropriate for your work through the portfolio you provide and make sure it matches the skills you have. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to whether you need expensive equipment, or maybe you need to rent certain equipment.

5. Photo of your own friends

You can offer your photo services to people closest to you, for example relatives or friends. But don't be mistaken, there's no need to give cheap prices to friends because you're embarrassed, give prices according to your photo needs and the skills you have. Good friends and relatives will support you to continue to develop instead of haggling and asking for cheap prices on the grounds that they are friends or relatives.

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