Tempat Untuk Motret Kembang Api Tahun Baru di Jakarta

Places to shoot New Year's fireworks in Jakarta

I can't believe it's just a change of year, not just a change of year but this time we're entering a new decade... Well, I'm definitely already in the mood to make plans for New Year's Eve... It's really fitting that I want to discuss the recommended place for all KEE friends. get a photo of the fireworks. Come on, check it out...

1. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

You definitely don't miss this place every year to hold interesting New Year's events. This year the theme is 'Symphony of the Sea' which takes place at Lagoon Beach, Festival Beach, Carnaval Beach Indah Beach, and Monument. I heard there will be the biggest Jakarta Musical Fireworks...  Very interesting, of course...

Source : metro tempo.co

2 . National Monument (Monas)

Monas is also a favorite place to celebrate New Year. There are various activities that you can attend, such as a video mapping show that discusses the history of Monas, or a light ball show.

3. HI Roundabout

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government holds various kinds of events to celebrate the New Year and there is an entertainment stage right at the HI Roundabout which presents musicians and artists from the capital.

Source: IDN Times

4. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

TMII is also no less interesting. With the theme 'Magical New Year 2020', on New Year's Eve TMII also presented a music concert and fireworks display with a total of 7,042 fireworks shot at Lake Archives. It's really satisfying to be able to get lots of fireworks.

5. Central Park

Central Park is one of the shopping centers in Jakarta which never fails to celebrate the New Year event every year. Equipped with a laser show and fireworks party, for those of you who live in West Jakarta, you definitely won't want to miss it...

Source : Tracepiknik.com

6. Sky Pool Bar Cafe, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

With its strategic location and equipped with a 360 degree panoramic view of the city of Jakarta, you can really make this place your choice for New Year's Eve. This place offers a quite calm atmosphere because it is at a height, apart from that, you can clearly see the fireworks at the HI Roundabout.

7. Henshin, Westin Hotel

This restaurant with the highest rooftop in Jakarta allows you to enjoy the fireworks freely and maybe you can get a different view than usual. Because it is located high, on the 67th floor of the Westin hotel and is made of glass, you can see all corners of the city of Jakarta.

Source: Casa Indonesia
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