Tempat Hunting Foto di Surabaya (Part 1)

Photo Hunting Spots in Surabaya (Part 1)

Surabaya is one of the big cities in Indonesia which is famous for its delicious food. But don't be mistaken, there are also lots of interesting places for photo hunting... Where are they? Come on, let's discuss...

1. Sidotopo Locomotive Depot

Photos of the locomotive can usually give a special impression, KEE friends. You can visit the Sidotopo locomotive depot which is a train repair shop and a resting place for carriages that are no longer suitable for use. But you need permission from the authorized officer. It is recommended to come here in the afternoon or evening, unless you want to get a spooky impression in your photos.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/seventytwo_m_i/

2. Bamboo forest

You don't have to go all the way to Japan to get photos in a bamboo forest, there are also some in Surabaya and they are no less good... This bamboo forest is located not far from the Keputih Terminal, Sukolilo. Apart from that, this place is still rarely visited, so you can have more free time taking photos.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/anandaoktaviano/

3. Bungkul Park

In this park you can play while getting Instagrammable photos. There are many types of games such as jogging, BMX, skateboard tracks, etc. You can freely visit every day, morning, afternoon or evening.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/dellamvs/

4. Heroes Monument

The Heroes Monument is one of the icons of the city of Surabaya. You can learn and document the remaining history of the colonial period. The Heroes Monument has operating hours from 07.00 - 15.00 WIB for Tuesday - Friday and 07.00-12.00 for Saturday and Sunday.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/caio_nugroz/

5. Bulak Colorful Village

This village in the Kenjeran area is characterized by its colorful colors which makes it one of the favorite hunting spots. To enter this village you only need to pay IDR 2000.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/warmanwardhani/

6. Submarine Monument

The Submarine Monument is one of the icons in the city of Surabaya which was used in the liberation of West Irian. You can also enter the ship by paying IDR 10,000. You can take photos in the ship's engine room or cabin bedroom. Apart from that, you can also watch a film screening about the war in the Aru Sea.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/ayudiac/
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