Teknik Sederhana yang Buat Hasil Fotomu Wow

Simple Techniques That Make Your Wow Photos

To produce good photos does not always require complicated techniques. Let's look at some of these techniques, they are simple but the results look professional.

  1. Shooting at the speed of light

Usually, if your object moves when photographing, the results will be blurry. But you can try the opposite with the burst zoom technique, changing the lens zoom when you take the photo so the result you get is a blur effect from the focus point outward.

The thing you need to pay attention to when taking photos using this technique is your camera's shutter speed, you can use 1-4 seconds. Because when you change the camera zoom the shutter must be open.

Source: https://www.blibli.com

2. Create an eye illusion

You must have seen a photo like the one above, right? The method is easy, KEE friends! Not using magic, of course ;p

You can use perception techniques by playing with eye illusions and adjusting the distance of objects and camera position. For example, if you see a truck, then you can insert an object into the frame, position your finger right in front of the camera as if you are trying to lift the ship. It's really exciting huh..

3. Transparent plastic for camera effect

Photo results such as using filters are apparently easy. You can use plastic and wrap the rim of your camera. Only the edges, KEE friends, can refract the light, don't cover the entire lens of your camera.

Source : icanbecreative.com

4. Use high-speed photography techniques

You can experiment with this technique to produce interesting photos. You need to pay attention to the settings on your flash, make sure it only lights up for a short time so that it doesn't make objects blur when moving. Apart from that, it is recommended to use manual mode and adjust the focus on the object, use a tripod, and burst shoot to get the best image.

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