Teknik Menggunakan On-Flash Pada Kamera

Techniques for Using On-Flash on Camera

Usually, novice photographers like to use flash on the camera. There are many reasons why camera flash is not recommended, some of which are because :

  • The light was blinding
  • The resulting photo is flat and lacks dimension because the light source is parallel to the direction the photo was taken, there is no play of shadows and highlights.
  • Sometimes it can cause red-eye in the subject. This is because the light from the flash is reflected by the back of the retina, which contains blood and is captured by the camera.
  • The light source from the flash is hard and small, so the resulting photo will highlight the subject's facial expression.

However, you can maximise the use of the camera's flash, as in the photo below:

Source : https://foto.co.id/teknik-cepat-on-camera-flash-pada-kamera-digital/

In the photo on the left, there is a shadow from the hat covering the subject's face. You can use the flash as a fill-flash, as in the photo on the right, so that it gives light to the shadow and the shadow is not too dark. It also won't overexpose the parts of the face that aren't in shadow.

In addition, the fill-flash function can add sparkle or bright spots in the subject's eyes, making them more vivid, as in the photo below.

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